Join us in working on our local tracks!

The walking tracks in our local reserves are a lovely feature of Torbay. They are a great way to enjoy our lovely environment while walking the dog, getting the exercise we need and investigating local fauna and flora in its native setting.

If we can encourage the kids and grandkids to come along we can help ensure their future – let’s not forget it was only 50 years ago when some of these areas were at risk from development. They became reserves due to a few strong-willed and foresighted people who saw the risk of this happening and convinced the council to preserve these areas and created the tracks that we know today.

Awaruku Bush Reserve is a good example of this and leading this effort was Hugh Willis and his team of volunteers.

But did you know that a group of volunteers continue to maintain these tracks to ensure they continue to be safe and usable? The council undertakes the major upgrades, as we can currently see on the Fitzwilliam track, but a group of local volunteers assist with the maintenance on a voluntary basis. As with all volunteer groups more hands are always needed, especially after the recent flooding events that severely damaged some of the tracks. Some of these tracks may be local to you in the Awaruku, Stredwick and Torbay Heights areas, and if you enjoy using these tracks on a regular basis and would like to help maintain them, and others in the Albany area, please contact:

Ian Stevenson – on 021 478 109

The effort required is only a few hours a week and is not a binding commitment, as we all have other responsibilities in our lives. But if you think you would enjoy the outdoors, the camaraderie of like-minded people and a catchup for coffee afterwards, Ian would love to hear from you.


I'm a family man who loves to enjoy the outdoors with my wife and 4 kids. I have spent years walking and running some of the wonderful tracks around Auckland and New Zealand .This website has been put together to help others enjoy the amazing array of walks we have in the Auckland Region. Further, we wish to honour the track-building work of my father-in-law, Hugh Willis who has spent thousands of hours since 1969 preserving, building and maintaining tracks on Auckland's North Shore.

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