Fitzwilliam Reserve Track: Scenic Bush Track

This is a short and steep track that contains wonderful native bush and beautiful views from the top of Fitzwilliam Drive – in fact one of my favourite views in Auckland.

Entrance to the Fitzwilliam Reserve Track
Entrance to the Fitzwilliam Reserve Track
Fitzwilliam Reserve Track Details
Fitzwilliam Reserve Track Details

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Google Map: Fitzwilliam Reserve Track
Geocaching Map:  Fitzwilliam Geocache Map


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Why walk this track?

Great Auckland Views
Stunning view looking across to Rangitoto and back to Auckland City

This is a short but challenging walk with beautiful bush.  The views from the top of Fitzwilliam Drive are also amazing – 270 degree views back towards Auckland and all the way out over the Hauraki Gulf.  An interesting feature is a disappearing stream just after the fork in the track – it resurfaces further down the hill towards Emlyn Place.

This walk includes pretty ferns and nikau, as well as rimu, lancewood and tanekaha.

This track is short and is ideal for a quick walk in the bush or a nice addition to The Emlyn Reserve Track and The Rata Track.


Fitzwilliam Reserve Bush Track
Fitzwilliam Reserve Bush Track

Track Entry Points:

There are four main entrances to the Fitzwilliam Reserve Track in Torbay:

  • Entrance 1 = between 76 & 78 Fitzwilliam Drive
  • Entrance 2 = at the end of Dee Place
  • Entrance 3 = between 19 & 21 Emlyn Place
  • Entrance 4 = between 332 & 334 Glenvar Rd

The best parking are at Entrances 1, 2 & 3.  Parking on Glenvar Rd is limited.

Fitzwilliam view of Hauraki Gulf
Stunning views of the Hauraki Gulf from Fitzwilliam Drive

Track Highlights:

The highlights of this track are

  • beautiful views from the top of Fitzwilliam Drive
  • lovely native bush

Running and walking:

This track is great for a short walk in beautiful bush.  The track is pretty steep in places, so be prepared for some hills!

The track would be fine to run but the hills would certainly make it a challenge.  Perhaps, run along with The Emlyn Reserve Track and it would make a good circuit – maybe do not run up to the Glenvar Entrance as this part is particularly steep.

Wheelchairs and Buggies:

This track is not suitable for wheelchairs and buggies as it is steep and has a quite a few steps.

Fitzwilliam Reserve Native Bush
Beautiful bush in the Fitzwilliam Reserve Track


This track is worth a walk but best incorporated with The Rata Track and Emlyn Reserve Track.  The views from the top of Fitzwilliam Drive are spectacular and some of the bush is beautiful.


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*** Note: if using this map for navigation on your phone or GPS device, you will need to open it within Google Maps to get your current position showing on the map.  To do this, simply click the expand icon in the top right corner of this map.  This will now provide you live GPS tracking as you walk the map so you always know exactly where you are!  WOW!







Fitzwilliam and Emlyn Elevation
Fitzwilliam and Emlyn Elevation

Note the hilly sections are the Fitzwilliam Reserve Track and the flatter sections The Emlyn Reserve Track.


The Google Map and Elevation Chart used in this Post have been produced using the Tom Tom Multi-Sport Cardio GPS Watch. This watch tracks running, cycling, swimming and freestyle, and includes built in heart-rate monitor – and I love it!  Check out the Tom Tom Cardio Watch or check out a wider range of GPS watches and Fitness Trackers.  Enjoy – they add another dimension to exercise.





I'm a family man who loves to enjoy the outdoors with my wife and 4 kids. I have spent years walking and running some of the wonderful tracks around Auckland and New Zealand .This website has been put together to help others enjoy the amazing array of walks we have in the Auckland Region. Further, we wish to honour the track-building work of my father-in-law, Hugh Willis who has spent thousands of hours since 1969 preserving, building and maintaining tracks on Auckland's North Shore.

9 Comments on “Fitzwilliam Reserve Track: Scenic Bush Track

  1. Hi Richard, the Fitzwilliam track is closed for renovation by the Council. The site engineer thinks it will be open by the end of April. All 4 entrances – Glenvar, Fitzwilliam, Emlyn and Dee Place are all closed off. The stairs at the Fitzwilliam entrance are being replaced.

  2. Hi Richard, an update on the Fitzwilliam track. It is currently closed after being briefly open at the end of April as the Council said it would be. I will try and get an update on when it will be open again.

  3. Here is an update from Auckland Council regarding the Fitzwilliam track

    We’ve received a response back from our Community Facilities Team regarding Fitzwilliam Reserve.

    Works are complete – Minor tidy up are happening over the next fortnight. We are awaiting outcome from geotechnical review on the residual risk form the slips within the reserve and what controls are required to ensure the reserve/track is safe to open to the public.

    If you have any further queries, please let us know.

  4. Hi Richard. The track remains closed although extensive renovations have been made with new timbers, gravel laid, significant drainage upgrades and the stairs leading the Fitzwilliam Drive exit replaced with new steps.

    It is not apparent why it isnt open yet as the original forecast was Jan 2023

  5. Hi Richard,
    the track is finally open. I wonder if it had anything to do with my recent enquiry as to when it will be open …. anyway, it is a nice upgrade, with new timber , drainage and the stairs at the Fitzwilliam exit replaced with new steps that appear to be much safer. A very nice local walk.


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