Categories but no track yet!

You’ve reached this page because one of your search criteria does not actually have a Track connected to it yet!

This Post will help you find the Track you are looking for – click for more instructions!

As the number of Tracks grow, there will be a reduced number of categories that do not link to a Track.

What should I do?

Go back to your search and remove the tick against any of the following categories:

  • Difficulty Rating = 3/5
  • Facilities =
    • Drinking Water
    • Palyground
    • Toilets
  • Suitability = Experienced
  • Track by Location = East Auckland
  • Track Condition =
    • Marked
    • Paved
    • Well formed
  • Track Length
    • Long
    • Medium
    • Overnight

All these Categories are for Tracks yet to be added to the site!

Sorry for the inconvenience.  Trust you found this helpful and you find what you are looking for.





I'm a family man who loves to enjoy the outdoors with my wife and 4 kids. I have spent years walking and running some of the wonderful tracks around Auckland and New Zealand .This website has been put together to help others enjoy the amazing array of walks we have in the Auckland Region. Further, we wish to honour the track-building work of my father-in-law, Hugh Willis who has spent thousands of hours since 1969 preserving, building and maintaining tracks on Auckland's North Shore.

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